EVERYTHING You Need To Start And Grow

6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Business,


...Even if you have no product, zero experience, and nobody knows you...

Travel School for Affiliate Marketing is world's most comprehensive training and implementation system that shows you how to start and grow your own independent, wildly successful affiliate marketing business, step-by-step.


Travel School is so much more than a step-by-step training program, this is a transformational experience that will not only grow your bank account, but will literally change your entire life for the better, like it already has for thousands of others just like you worldwide!


No stone is left un-turned, and failure is simply not an option when you follow the Travel School daily training guide and do the specific action steps given to you.

Join right now and start creating the good life you really want and deserve!

Here Is What You Get:

$0 - $10K Core System Training

  • EVERYTHING you need to go from $0 to your first $10,000 - even if you have never done this before, don't have any special skills, and nobody knows you

  • 8 Private step-by-step sessions:

    zero confusion, zero overwhelm!

  • Activates your 'Inner Success Mechanism'

  • Strategic product selection and positioning in the marketplace

  • Messaging and communication that instantly gets attention

  • Core skillsets in marketing, million dollar education.

  • ​How to build a large, hyper-responsive list of people who want to buy from you

  • Creating and activating 'Multiple Streams of Income'

  • Development of your personal 'Central Hub'

Trusted Private Offers Marketplace

  • Get private access to promote the best products and offers

  • Vetted and hand-selected companies, products in booming industries

  • Leverage credibility and momentum of other amazing companies: sell their products and earn big commissions!

  • ​Wide range of commissions: up to $5,000 per sale, plus residuals!

  • Leverage Ecosystems and earn multiple streams of passive income

  • ​You never need to create your own products!

Implementation Mastermind

  • Your "insurance policy" to make sure you hit your Travel School target of at least $10,000 in sales...

  • Private LIVE weekly mastermind webinars with Emilian

  • ​Work one-on-one with Emilian in a LIVE webinar session on YOUR business

  • You also get to see Emilian working with other students on their business (priceless!)

  • All training sessions are recorded and available for you to watch anytime

  • Failure is simply NOT AN OPTION here!


Plus These Bonuses Worth $8,988!

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  • Systems Work, people fail...

  • Your personal fully automated selling machine that sells products ‘for you’

  • Automatically builds your list!

  • Does all the selling and converting!

  • Has multiple streams of passive income


  • Instant access to private community

  • Learn and collaborate with other students

  • Weekly webinars with other students


  • Access to my personal list of tools that I’m using to run my business

  • Extra trainings to help you succeed FAST

  • FREE trials to basic tools that you are going to need

  • FREE marketing books

From Zero To First $25K 
In Just 90 Days...

Meet Jason, one of the "Freedom To Travel" Challenge members. Jason started from scratch and earned over $25,000 in commissions in his first 90 days, simply by selling other people's products as an affiliate. He then went on to earn over $100,000 over the next 9 months and changed his life forever.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

"We do have a 30 day money back guarantee, just so you know, on all of our products, I want to make sure that I'm very clear with that and here is how it goes: Join School For travelers right now and get full access to the training system. You'll go through all the training sessions, okay? You can apply everything.Put everything to the test and get results If you don't think this has been the most life transforming and most results producing program you have ever experienced in your life or for any other reason for that matter, let me know and I will give you 100% of your money back. Simple and easy. No questions asked."

~ Emilian

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#1 Affiliate Marketing Training & Implementation 
System In The World!

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Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Earnings DisclaimerContact

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